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Peeling Bad

Maverick loves tangerines. They’re kind of his favorite human snack and we share on occasion.

I was greedy this time and kept my bag of tangerines for myself. I looked down and noticed a very disappointed Maverick hiding under the table.

Sorry buddy!

[tangerine peels]

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Sick as a dog

I’ve never understood the expression “sick as a dog,” but since my arrival home, I’ve spent a majority of my time surrounded by tissues and poking my face with acupuncture needles. The culmination of a compromised immune system and the denial of my allergies to Maverick, things have finally caught up to me. Fortunately, I remembered that we packed the Neti Pot. Fingers crossed this sinus infection disappears by this evening.

Maverick was curious about the Neti Pot. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone actually ingest what comes from the Neti Pot, but Maverick seemed to enjoy the hot water I spilt while pouring it the pot. ^^

Maverick & Neti[Neti Pot/boiling water cooled to room temperature/salt mixture/tissues]

Death by Chocolate

There are many things that Maverick isn’t allowed to taste. Chocolate is at the top of the list. Sorry, Mav!


[chocolate icing/donut/mystery cream/sprinkles]

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Canadian Souvenirs

I’m back in Seoul! This means Maverick gets to watch me eat deliciously again.

One of the most delicious things to come out of Canada has to be maple syrup (in my opinion). I brought some back in cookie form.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t share them with Maverick. Image[Maple Leaf cookie/maple creme]

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2 more weeks

Hi! I just wanted to apologize for the silence over the last several months. I’ve been out of the country. 

Maverick is doing very well and I get to see him in just over two weeks. Wheee! 

Breakfast Salad



[poached egg/2 mushrooms/onion/eggplant/cilantro/lettuce]

Two for me…

Tomorrow is Memorial Day in Korea. This means it is kind of Friday [No work tomorrow!]. ^.^ I just found this out today. This calls for a small celebration!


[cupcakes for two/FROSTING: L)Speculoos spread R)1 spoonful of butter mixed with 1 spoonful of confectioner’s sugar]

Recipe found here:


Mozz salad



[mozzarella ball sliced/2 Roma tomatoes sliced/a whole lotta cilantro]

Hard Boiled Eggs


[hard boiled eggs]

Avocado egg salad



[1 avocado/2 hard boiled eggs/1 tsp cilantro/ 2 drops of lemon juice] mixed in a bowl and eat with [toast] or any other delicious bread